A children’s story in the realm of Neuroplasticity:

Two young Seagulls gliding along the shoreline,

one says to the other, “Are you hungry or should

we keep gliding?”

When suddenly an elder flies

in and says,  “Hello boys, how’s the air?”

Neither replies as the elder goes into a dive and plunges

into the water below.  The younger of the two says

to the other, “What is this air he speaks of?” while

the other prepares to dive and responds, “Oh, it’s

the current that holds us afloat, but I don’t really

know.”  The younger says, “How does he know?”

“It’s what the elders call ‘life experience’ and the

other replies, “What is life?”

Pondering for a moment,

he replies, “Too many questions, lets eat, I’m famished.”

“But what is air?”  “

“When we can’t see something, it’s

called a belief; air is here, and there, and everywhere,

you just have to believe.”

And they climbed a little ways

and then went into a side-by-side dive and plunged into

the water and resurfaced with their lunch.

Floating on the surface, the younger of the two says

“Well one thing’s for sure, this is water, so I guess

the air is up there.”

The elder then floats in and says

“Exactly, dear boy, exactly; like the wise Owl says –

“Sync to link, and answer thoughtfully.

— and so

you have; today, you ‘think’ in sync.”


The End