A children's story in the realm of Neuroplasticity: Two young Seagulls gliding along the shoreline, one says to the other, "Are you hungry or should we keep gliding?" When suddenly an elder flies in and says,  "Hello boys, how's the air?" Neither replies as the elder goes into a dive and plunges into the water below.  The younger of the two says to the other, "What is this air he speaks of?" while the other prepares to dive and responds, "Oh, it's the current that holds us afloat, but I don't really know."  The younger says, "How does he know?" "It's...

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what-i-did-over-time to face off with MS

I have spent hours and literally days combing the web looking for all the right products to post in the library and have found many gems but they have become either too expensive for the average disabled user like myself, or they are too knowledge obsessed in their process to even begin using the program they offer. In my life experience with education, it was never the "pre-test" that got the "right people" in the "right seats" it was more of a pre-amble that got everyone excited and going in a direction that led to a "win-win" for both students...

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