The Range of Brain Injuries

The purpose of this section is to give a brief overview of certain brain injuries and a reference point to start researching the subject.

Brain injuries are categorized as:

  • Mild (as in a concussion) Symptoms usually improve over 1-3 months(NIH Report)
  • Moderate (may have an associated loss of consciousness of minutes or a few hours and followed by a few days or weeks of confusion). May have a longer period of impaired consciousness, more impaired verbal memory shortly after the injury and a lower likelihood of achieving a good recovery within 6 months. (NIH Report)
  • Severe (may have a loss of consciousness, or coma, for 6 hours or longer, either immediately after the injury or after an intervening period of clarity.) There is risk of long-term disability. (NIH Report) Montana is 2nd per capita in the US for occurrence of brain injury.

On average, 300 people die each year in Montana due to traumatic brain injury. The most common causes are suicide, motor vehicle crashes and falls. In Montana, there are over 19,000 individuals who are living with life-long disabilities resulting from Brain Injury. (MT/DPHHS)

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