The Kavli Institute for Brain Science at Columbia University

3227 Broadway
Mail Code 9874
New York, NY 10027

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The Kavli Institute for Brain Science (KIBS) at Columbia University was established in 2004 with a $7.5 million gift from the Kavli Foundation. Led by 2000 Nobel laureate Eric Kandel, and co-director Rafael Yuste, KIBS focuses on the development of novel experimental and computational strategies for analyzing how signaling in neural circuits controls cognitive function and behavior.

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MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 46-2005
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
(617) 253-5748


Services Overview

Systems Neuroscience

In systems neuroscience, researchers use animal models to emulate core cognitive processes. This allows for more detailed study of algorithms and neural circuits that produce the representations of the mind. Scientists examine how patterns of neuronal connections (circuits) give rise to patterns of neuronal activity, and how those patterns of neural activity give rise to overt behavioral and different internal neural states.

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European Charcot Foundation

European Charcot Foundation
Vaartdijk 3 box 002
BE – 3018 Leuven
Off.Reg.Nb. BE0547 995 164
+32 16 30 99 90


About the European Charcot Foundation

The European Charcot Foundation is an independent non-profit organization for advancing Multiple Sclerosis research in Europe. It is sponsored by private organizations, as well as by multiple sclerosis societies and industry.

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